How I Made Over 200.600 €

With Simple Roulette Tricks

 How I Became Rich Just

Using A Simple Roulette Trick 

Have you always wondered how professional gamblers manage to win at roulette and create a small fortune apparently without any effort? You came to the right page! I will show you how you can take advantage of a computer bug in an online roulette game from certain casinos to consistently make money.

Roulette is a game that has always fascinated me because, at first glance, it seems almost impossible to win all the time.

What if you knew of a glitch in the roulette software of a particular casino? What if the numbers were not completely random? You could use this error in the software to overcome the house advantage.


How did I learn about this error? Well, around one year ago, an online casino hired me for a programming job and something strange caught my eye while viewing the casino’s software source code. An event was programmed to never happen. The original programmer’s intent was to avoid certain combinations to limit the profits of players and to minimize the casino’s losses.



Dr. Martin Becker (Programmer)

However, the original programmer did not realize that when he changed the online roulette game from being purely random, he gave players the opportunity to develop roulette tricks that they can use to always win. The glitch was not fixed until recently.

Why am I telling you this? To tell you the truth, I wanted to keep it to myself; however after winning my first €20,000, they banned me from the casino. It was too good to be true. I continued to play using my friends and relatives. Everyone that I knew signed up and won. With more than 100 accounts, in only 4 months, I managed to win more than €200,000. It was like a dream.


"Soon I had won more than 200,000 € ..."

Eventually, I exhausted my list of relatives and friends whom I really trusted, so I came up with the idea of publishing my roulette tricks on the internet in exchange for a small gratuity. First, I ask you to keep the trick a secret and to please donate €1000 to me each time you win more than €5000 using this trick. It will not take too long to win. Believe me! This way, we can both benefit from this trick. Please do not tell others about this roulette trick so that it will take the casinos a longer time to find out. For your donation, use the Paypal button found at the bottom of this page. I could sell this trick but I think it is better this way. I only ask you to be honest. (If the trick ever stops working, I will remove this webpage.)



Since this error is unknown, it is practically impossible to find. This is why the casinos that use this software still do not know about it. The computer error happens during the “dozen bets” (High / Medium / Low - High / Medium / Low) I will explain in detail below what these bets are about:

1) This is a bet on "Low". You win if the result is any number between 1 and 12. (This is the 1st Dozen)

Low Bet

2) Here we have a bet on "Medium". You win if the result is any number between 13 and 24. (This is the 2nd Dozen)

Middle Bet

3) This is a bet on "High". You win if the result is any number between 25 and 36. (This is the 3rd Dozen)

High Bet

The event which was programmed to never happen is that a number, ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ does not appear more often in 16 consecutive games. In other words, at least ONE ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ must always appear in a sequence of 16 consecutive plays. You may have already guessed how this glitch can be exploited but please keep reading to see how you can best benefit from this error.

Note: This bug does not occur during practice mode because the random numbers are generated by your computer locally and not by the casino’s computer (the casino server). The bug occurs in real money mode only.



As you may have guessed, this flaw can be best exploited using a progressive betting scheme to ensure that you have enough capital to bet on consecutive plays. This guarantees that you will win in the long run. If you follow my instructions, you will be sure to win between €1 and €3 every time you play, no matter how many times you lose.
I recommend that you print out the following worksheet and keep it at hand with a pencil or pen. The worksheet will look like this:

This table is used to make notes of the outcomes in the game after you make your bets. This roulette trick may seem complicated at first, but it is worth it. Keep in mind the amount of money that you can win. You have to make a note after each spin of the wheel if the result is:

a) ‘low' (L) number

b) ‘medium' (M) number

c) ‘high' (H) number or a

d) 'Zero' (Zero).

Suppose that you are at a roulette table and spin the wheel ten times. The following numbers win: 4, 11, 36, 14, 20, 25, 2, 33, 13, 16; then the table would look like this:

Explanation of abbreviations: 4 = L, 11 = L, 36 = H, 14 = M 20 = M, 25 = H, 2 = L, 33 = H, 13 = M, 16 = M

When you first start playing roulette, you should not place any bets at all. This is very important, so please be patient. Let the wheel spin and make note of which dozen (L, M, or H) win at your table. If you are sitting at a table with several players, wait until the other players have placed their bets and the wheel has spun several times. You are waiting for one of the dozens to not appear in five consecutive spins. You can then bypass the 16-stage plan and you will only have to complete the 11-stage plan as seen below:

Suppose these numbers fall on our table: 32 and 17 ( 32 = H, 17 = M). Then our table will be like this:

This means that in five consecutive spins, not a single ‘low’ (L) number appeared. (Look at the final five spins: H,M,M,H,M) When it comes time to bet, you must bet on the (low) 1st dozen. (You must bet on the (medium) 2nd dozen if M did not appear in the last 5 spins or the (high) 3rd dozen if H did not appear in the last 5 spins) Stick to the plan below because everything depends on this. It is the only way that you will always end up winning money.


The roulette trick bets

Let us follow with an above example. Now you make your bet number 1 (which is €1, as you see in the column 'Stake') on the ‘Low’ part of the mat. Spin the wheel.

- If the 1st dozen wins, (congrats!) then you just won €2. Start again from the beginning. (Bet on a dozen: L, M or H, depending on which dozen didn’t appear in the last 5 spins. It is possible that you might have to stop betting for a few spins, until this occurs). If you did not win, don’t worry, just continue with bet number 2 (€2 ) of the plan, betting 'Low'.

- If you won (well done!), You already regained what you lost in the previous bet and still won €3. Start again from scratch. If you did not win again, no problem, place bet number 3 (€3) to 'Low', and so on.

- Continue to place bets until you win and then start from scratch. If you follow the plan represented on the left you will NEVER lose money in the long term, once your dozen appears, because:

1) You use a progressive betting scheme that guarantees that at the end you will always win, even when you lose at the beginning, and

2) Each dozen has to appear at least once in 16 consecutive spins. (See my explanation above.)

I know that these gains do not represent big money, but keep in mind that you can easily put up 90 bets in an hour, which means a profit of over € 90 per hour.

These amounts are recommended for an initial deposit of €150 – 250. Once you manage to multiply your earnings, add a zero on all the values of the table. Then the bets are: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 130, 200, 300, 450, and 670. Each time you win, you gain between €10-30 so you will win 10 times more playing the same amount of time than using the basic trick but you will have to have a capital of about €800 – 1000.

If you are still a little confused at this point, don’t worry. You can reread everything a few times and you should understand everything completely.

The roulette trick is that simple! Now that you know how to exploit this flaw there is one final thing left...

Which Online Casinos Can You Use To Make Money With This Trick?

Now that you already know the trick, all you need to know is on which casinos can you use the roulette trick. There are a few casinos that use the exact same casino software that has the software bug that I found. I personally make money on those casinos  (see the list below).

Simply click on one of the corresponding links below, install the free casino software and deposit approximately € 200-250. You will need to complete the progressive betting scheme to use the roulette trick successfully.

Obviously I cannot promise how long this will continue to work but I will update this website constantly and I will delete some casinos if there are any problems. The casinos listed on this page work.

I recommend that you act quickly. First-come, first-served! After all the casinos fix the bugs I will shut down this website. As long as this website is up, the software bug will still be there. Please do not forget that for security reasons, the casino server generates random numbers only in real money mode. The bug only works for numbers generated by the casino server and not for numbers generated by your computer in practice mode.


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Mac users: Please use the Flash version

That’s all you have to do to win with this online roulette trick. If something goes wrong, chances are that you didn’t follow my instructions completely. If you are skeptical, consider this: Even if the casinos fix the bug before you start playing, the chances that a dozen is not found in 16 consecutive games are still 1 to 1 ÷ ((25/37)16) ≈ 1 to 530. In other words, your chances of winning would still be 99.8%. (This is not 100% but very close.)

If you still have doubts, just write to me at Please note that all I ask for you to do is to make a donation once you are convinced that my roulette trick works. I only ask you to donate if you ever win €2000 or more using my roulette trick. I would also like to say that this trick is completely legal and you are not violating any rule or law. E-mail me only if there is something that you really cannot understand, otherwise, my advice is to simpy try it out for yourself. Once you've mastered all the tricks from, get your career going and visit for your first roulette experience.




1) Try not to play more than 30 minutes at one table. After 30 minutes at the same table, it will become harder to win. Take a short 2 minute break and then return to the table.

2) Do not become greedy and practice self control. This is the most common mistake committed by novice players. Avoid earning more than €2000 a day in order to not attract attention.

3) Stick to my roulette strategy. Do not attempt to modify it or to play in a casino that does not have my approval.

4) WARNING: definitely do not work with this trick, as well as several older online casinos. You should not try those casinos even if they have the same software installed. Only use the download links found on this website. You will get the correct software version directly using the download links on this website so you can be sure that the roulette trick works.




1) The table limit is not high enough, how can I use your trick? 

>>  Table limits refer to individual bets, not to dozens betting. You can ignore the table limits. They are not a problem for this roulette trick.

2) How should I treat 0's? 

>> Do not ignore the zeros (Zero's). Put them in the accounts of H, M or L. If, for example it turns to be L, 0, M, M, H, M, at this point you start to bet on L.

3) Which currency do I have to choose?

>> The currency doesn't matter. They all work the same: Euro, Sterling Pound or U.S. dollar, you can use whatever you prefer.

4) Does this roulette trick work with any casino roulette?

>> No. The roulette trick works only with a particular type of software which must be an older version. Use only the software that I offer for download on this website!

5) Does your roulette trick also work in real casinos?

>> No. This trick applies only to online casinos, and among them only to those who I have personally checked. This roulette trick only works on the casinos listed on this page.

6) Which roulette version is the best for me? 

>> In principle, it should not matter what version you use, since the roulette trick works based on random numbers that do not depend on the roulette version you use to play. However, I recommend European or French Roulette (limit € 1-5000) because this combo gives the best results. Do not choose the American version with 2 zeros.

7) I only have 200 €. Can I use your roulette trick anyway, and how?

>> Yes, it is possible. Just wait 7 instead of the 5 spins, i.e. in the example above there should be no output "Low" for 7 spins, only then you start betting. Anyway I recommend starting with at least 150€.

8) I do not know how to make a deposit. What can I do?

>> The online casino support will show you several payment options, starting with a bank transfer to credit card payment. Just give them a free call. If you really have problems with your first deposit, write me an e-mail.

9) How will I withdraw my winnings?

>> Usually you get the money the same way you made the deposit (unless you choose another method of payment). For example, if you have deposited money through a credit card, then your credit card will be reloaded easily with your winnings. This way, your winnings will be quickly available. You can withdraw your winnings to your account whenever you wish. Is up to you and not the casino.

10) What happens if a casino finds out and bans me?

>> Even if the casino bans you, you always get your money, don’t worry about it. This simply means that you cannot play at this casino anymore, but you will have no problem if you register a few friends or a family member, and then play on their behalf. If you observe a limit of €2000 per day, nothing should happen. I hope you are successful!

11) Do you also recommend other roulette tricks?

>> Yes and No. If you *really* want to win at roulette I definitely recommend to start making money with my roulette trick now. For a deeper information: has a good American Roulette System. On this page you can also find No Limit Roulette tables, anyway for a proper testing stick to the casino list on this website. If you want to know if any other casino work with my roulette trick, too, please send me an email.

12) Where can I download other roulette apps?

One of the most common questions we get is whether people can play roulette on their mobile devices. You can easly play roulette games on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Google has a policy against listing real money games in its app store so if you have an Android you can download roulette apps from


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If you have questions or comments regarding this website, please email me. Simply send an email to Finally, Good Luck!

Dr. Martin Becker
Software Programmer


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